Written by Sam Putnam on Jan. 17th 2018
Most consultants know they are worth more. But that doesn't make them worth more. The amount you are worth is the amount of money you will accept. Not the amount that you want.

If I told you you had to double your fees...most consultants would say 1 of 2 things.

1) But how can I get away with doing that?
2) I would lose half my clients

You would not be "getting away" with it. Nor is it a crime to charge high and be paid fairly for the value you provide.

Let's say you do lose half your clients. You would be making the exact same amount of money and be working half the hours.

Double your fees. It's literally worth it.
Written by Sam Putnam on Jan. 12th 2018
Let's do the math.

52 weeks/year and 40 hours/week = 2080 hours.

You can turn those knobs up/down based on vacation, non-billable time, etc, but just to pick a number, let's say you have 1,500 billed hours per year. $250,000 / 1,500 hours = $167/hour. I know car mechanics who make more than that.

If someone's telling you $250k isn't realistic, they're either underestimating hours worked, or underestimating billable rates, or thinking about being a full time employee of a consulting company (rather than an independent consultant.) They're likely contractors, not consultants.

And hey, why stop at $250k?
Written by Sam Putnam on Jan. 6th 2018
Marketing makes the company money and engineering spends it. There is nothing you can do about it.

But let me ask you this...how do you determine net income?

net income = sales - expenses

Any positive change in sales is equivalent to a negative change in expenses. If you can CUT COSTS in HALF, you have effectively DOUBLED the NET INCOME of your company...also known as profit or the bottom line.

The bottom line is that IT and marketing are two sides of the same equation. Solve an expensive problem and get rewarded like a salesmen. 
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