Hey, It's Sam. You'll notice my website looks pretty horrible. That's because I work on client work, not on my website. 

I help people at .3-3m/mo build a 2KA that shows consistently positive C-P/L. 

I can only help 1-2 clients do this, because it's hard. I simply cannot accept more than that. Do message me before I start working with someone else.

On this domain you can see a full demo project I built. If you enter your email, you'll see basic marketing automation be initiated and notice a video email sequence hit your inbox.

It is obvious to say that your automated webinar will not look or function exactly like this demo JIT webinar. I built this thing on ClickFunnels. I know the webinar part looks like Stealth but that's because I tried to make it look like that. 

The good thing about it is it sits on an unmasked domain. This can assist Facebook optimization. Then again, trying to build your own webinar software is not a good use of time and I would not recommend it. EverWebinar is what I would use going forward.

I help people at .3-3m/mo build a 2KA that shows consistently positive C-P/L.

If that's you, let me know via Facebook message. I have built things like this website funnel or myself and I can build things like this for you. Building your 2KA funnel and follow-up will not be very easy. But, as you know, the payoff once we get it running and keep it profitable is astronomical. 

I can only help 1-2 clients do this, because it's hard, and I currently have one client who I am a media buyer for with whom great progress is being made. Part of my pay is C-P/L and by optimizing for C-P/L we are seeing that number go up by a double digit percentage increase every month right now. I will be continuing to work with this client and am looking forward to assisting you as well.

If you at .3-3m/mo and need this service, do message me.  I'm looking forward to helping you hit 8 figures without a sales team.

Sam Putnam
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