Letter To Partners

Hey, It's Sam. You'll notice my website looks pretty out of date. That's because I work on client work, not on my website. 

In the last three months, I spent $100k - $300k (exact figures are withheld) of my clients' money in advertisements within a popular social app.

Now why would I do that?

Because we made a lot more than that on the back-end with our e-learning programs.

Hundreds of people paid $3 - $10 thousand dollars each for my clients' programs just in the last two years.

How does this business work?

We sell niche information that helps entrepreneurs build a business in a specific vertical. The demand for this information is high as it is updated every two years at a minimum in order to maintain its competitive edge. As a result, this information simply won't be found in traditional education programs that focus on offering a breadth of material in order to prepare one to join the workforce. Although many people inside of companies buy too, they understandably are generally a silent majority in the e-learning communities. These programs are up-to-date with the market needs of the vertical, highly collaborative due to being built around an online community, and up-to-date with the latest iterations of the self-serve capabilities of the most profitable advertising platforms in the world allowing our customers to get clients around the globe 24/7/365. 

I ask clients...

Are you engineering in the year that you're in?

Our programs are proven to generate returns now. We show each other screenshots and tracking to Stripe accounts. We shy away from "herd mentality" and make no attempt to keep "up-to-date with fads" or make any moves to manipulate our clients into adopting new, unproven technologies for no reason. We don't build things that would have worked last year, but more importantly we don't build things that might work next year. We focus on now.

We help people build a 9 figure funnel.

What is a funnel?

At SamPutnam.com/Training or DoubleYourConsulting.com/Training you can see a demo project I built. If you enter your email, you'll see basic marketing automation be initiated and notice a video email sequence hit your inbox.

And what does a 100m/year gross revenue funnel look like?

It is obvious to say that your automated webinar will not look or function exactly like this demo JIT webinar. I built this thing on ClickFunnels in a week. I know the webinar part looks like 'Online Meeting Now' but that's because I tried to make it look like that.  The good thing about it is it sits on an unmasked domain. This can assist social media advertising optimization - the pixel can optimize for intermediate steps in the funnel that have the right balance of "number of people to make it there" and "depth into the funnel" for the social media platform's machine learning algorithms to find new customers at a large scale who are similar to these 'hot' prospects and show our ads to these users exclusively. If you are currently using EverWebinar already or have a profitable funnel on another platform, we would of course build out automations and optimize conversions with your existing funnel because we don't mess with stuff that's working.

At Sam Putnam Engineering, we focus on one thing. 


We help qualified partners ready to grow beyond their sales team build a 9 figure funnel.

If that's you, let me know via email. I have built things like this SamPutnam.com/Training funnel for myself and I can help you build things like this for you. Building your 9 figure funnel and follow-up will not be very easy. But, as you know, the payoff once we get it running and keep it profitable is astronomical. 

If you are at .3-3m/mo and have been looking for this service, please email me personally at sam@samputnam.com.  

I'm looking forward to helping you hit 8.34m/m, which would traditionally require a 100 person sales team. We do it without a call center and with only a minimal ongoing investment in software as a service platforms and an adspend you recoup every 3-5 days.

It sounds hard, and it is. But it is being done by companies like yours. In 2018.

Seize the day,
Sam Putnam
CEO and Founder, Sam Putnam Engineering